Friday, August 12, 2011

Memoriam- Link Up

I have not been in the blogging community long but it hasn't taken long to see what a supportive group of people you all are. This week a fellow blogger, Jennie from In Jennie's Kitchen, experienced a sudden, tragic loss. She asked us all to make a Peanut Butter Pie on Friday August 12, 2011, which was her husband, Mikey's, favorite.

You don't have to know someone personally to feel sympathy and empathy for the situation they are faced with. That was proven to me even more when I saw just how many people were making those peanut butter pies today. I wanted a place where we could share the photos of our pies and our words of sympathy and encouragement for Jennie so she could see just how many people were thinking of her today.


I'd like the  memory of me to be happy one
I'd like to leave an after glow of smiles when life is done
I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways
Of happy times and laughing times and bright sunny days
I'd like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun
Of happy memories that I leave when life is done.

The only rule of this link-up is:

Links are to ONLY be the Peanut Butter Pie you made in memory of Jennie's husband. This is not a showcase, just a showing of support from the blogging community.


Kudos Kitchen said...

Thank you for doing this!

Erin said...

Lovely idea! I couldn't make the pie today - I don't have the ingredients, husband is out of town, and I have a sick kid. So leaving the house wasn't happening. I didn't make something peanut butter for him though. I will leave it off the link up right now though - it isn't pie after all!

Krista said...

I was not able to make this pie today, but I have been thinking of Jennie and her family all week, and especially today when I was in the kitchen making supper for mine. My thoughts, prayers and love go out to her and all of her loved ones who will have a void now w/o Mikey. Please know you are loved, thought of and may God's peace surround you and bring you light on your darkest days.

Everyday Mom's Meals

Anonymous said...

I was so sorry to hear of the loss of Jennifer's beloved husband. I hope that the vast number of pies being made in Mikey's honor and also to show our love of our families will feel like a hug. Our hearts are breaking for you, Jennifer. Please know that I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, Jennie.
Jane from Jingle Pies and Starry Skies

Served up with Love said...

I wasnt able to make a pie, I didnt have the ingredients to do so. My thoughts are with Jennie and her children. I was a well of emotions reading her post and watching the video on her blog. I will be getting the ingredients and making a peanut butter pie very soon. I too was amazed at the outpouring of support for this family. Much love to you for providing a place these can be linked up and shared all in one place.