Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Made Hair Barrettes

I have not posted a craft in a while and being that today we are getting some much needed rain I thought it would be a good day to try one that I have been wanting to make.  We have some family who currently lives overseas and we don't get to see them very often and they are coming home next week! They have two beautiful little girls who we wanted to do something special for. We bought them each a pretty little outfit (I don't get to buy many girl clothes. Most of my friends have boys like me!) So I decided to make some barrettes to match their outfits. Well let me just tell you that if I had a little girl I don't know if I'd buy them because this was so fun and so simple!

Aren't they the prettiest little girls you've ever seen?!?!
Home Made Hair Barrettes

Ribbon 3/8 inch
Metal Hair Clips
(I got a box of 100 at Sally's Beauty Supply for $5)
Jewels or buttons
Hot Glue Gun

Measure the amount of ribbon you are going to need for each clip. You are going to cover the inside and the outside of the clip. For the clips I used I needed about 6 1/2 inches. I  began by using the hot setting on my glue gun but burned the living daylights out of my fingers so I switched to the low setting and thought it worked just fine.
Begin by gluing the ribbon to the lower inside portion of the clip.  Pinch the clip open while gluing, and be careful to keep the ribbon straight. Add some more glue to the ribbon, and wrap it around to the bottom side of the clip.  Make a nice crease at the point of the clip. Add some glue to the inside of the clasp and glue ribbon.  Then, add hot glue to the remaining amount of ribbon.  Pinch clasp, and wrap all the way around and under.  Again, make a nice crease at the point. You can leave the clips as is or add some embellishments. I chose to jazz it up a little!

Need a step-by-step photo tutorial? Click here .

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Dzoli said...

Oh how cute are those.I have 2 year old that would need those.That is if she would keep them in her hair:)

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