Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Plastic Bag Storage Idea

I found this idea today over at A Simple Heart for Home  to reuse that plastic baby wipes container. I use the reusable shopping bags, but I always forget them! So I end up with lots of plastic bags. I do recycle them, which was a great lesson for my son in recycling! But I also use them for many things around the house such as lining the trash cans in the bathrooms. So I thought this was a great idea to keep them neatly in the bathroom. Also a great idea for keeping the bags on the changing table to use for those dirty diapers!


1. Push handles of one plastic bag through opening on the top of  the container.
2. Take second bag, hold it by the handles and straighten it out.
3. Loop the bottom of the bag through the handles of the first.
4. Push bags down into the container
5. Repeat until it is full!

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