Saturday, October 29, 2011

Melting Snowman Cookies- Day 57 of the 100-Day Countdown to Christmas

When I came across this idea I knew immediately that 1) I wanted to feature it on the Christmas Countdown and 2) I knew what I was making for my son's preschool Christmas party!

When I first saw the picture I was a little intimidated but after reading the post on Crazy Domestic I knew that I could do it! Crazy Domestic has simplified things even more by using store bought cookie dough and icing. But if you have a sugar cookie and icing recipe that you love, use it! Are these not adorable?! Click HERE for directions and photo tutorial.

Photo Credit: Crazy Domestic

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Dzoli said...

how cute are those;))))

Tricia @ Recipe Roundup said...

I know! Almost too cute to eat!