Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Christmas Countdown Blocks- Day 75 of the 100-Day Countdown to Christmas

Don't you just love counting down the days to Christmas? Well we have found a DIY project where you can make your own countdown blocks! Today's craft come to you from Little Birdie Secrets.

Photo from Little Birdie Secrets
Used with permission in accordance to their privacy policy
 Aren't these blocks adorable? Please visit Little Birdie Secrets for complete instructions and a photo tutorial!

We hope you enjoy this project!

Thanks for coming to the party today!
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Dzoli said...

I have my own countdown for Xmas(30 days)
I am sure everyone knows the one where you open picture (little window) on the cardboard and there si chocolate behind it.I was so exiting to sue this with my daughter as I use to love this when I was little;) This idea of course is very nice too;)

Krista said...

Dzoli- We love advent calendars. I have one each year for my son that my mom buys him. It's such a treat for him every day after school and we learn a lot of lessons from the pictures too.